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Form4684Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue ServiceCasualties and Thefts OMB No. 154501772017Go to for instructions and the latest information. Attach to your tax return.
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How to fill out 2015 4684 form

The 2015 4684 form is required for individuals who have experienced casualty or theft losses during the taxable year. Here's how to fill it out in detail:
Enter your name and Social Security number at the top of the form.
Check the appropriate box in Part I to indicate whether the loss was from casualty or theft.
Enter the date the loss occurred in Part II, along with a brief description of the property involved.
In Part III, enter the fair market value (FMV) of the property immediately before the loss, the FMV immediately after the loss, and the amount of the loss as a result of the casualty or theft.
If any insurance or other reimbursement was received, enter the amount in Part IV.
Subtract any reimbursement from the amount of the loss in Part V to calculate the adjusted loss.
Complete Part VI by calculating the amount of the loss that is deductible on Schedule A of your tax return.
In Part VII, provide any additional information that may be necessary to explain the loss or to support your deduction.
Sign and date the form at the bottom, and attach it to your tax return.

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Attach Form 4684 to your tax return to report gains and losses from casualties and thefts.
You may be eligible to claim a casualty deduction for your property loss if you suffer property damage during the tax year as a result of a sudden, unexpected or unusual event.
Storms, including hurricanes and tornadoes. Terrorist attacks. Vandalism. Volcanic eruptions4
Casualty and theft losses are deductible losses that arise from the destruction or loss of a taxpayer's personal property. To be deductible, casualty losses must result from a sudden and unforeseen event. Theft losses generally require proof that the property was actually stolen and not just lost or missing.
Calculating the Casualty Loss Deduction If you are claiming a deduction based on property that was destroyed, you will need to calculate the casualty loss by subtracting the salvage value from the adjusted basis of the asset and then subtracting any insurance proceeds from the result.
You will need proof a casualty caused your loss. So, keep newspaper accounts and other proof showing the type of casualty that struck your area and the amount of damage it did. To prove the amount of your loss, you should have: Purchase receipts for the affected property.
To determine your allowable loss, deduct insurance proceeds or other reimbursement you received or expect to receive. Next, subtract $100 and then 10% of your federal adjusted gross income. Claim the remaining amount as your casualty or disaster loss.
Losses You Can Deduct For tax years 2018 through 2025, if you are an individual, losses of personal-use property from fire, storm, shipwreck, or other casualty, or theft are deductible only if the loss is attributable to a federally declared disaster (federal casualty loss).
When an event is declared a disaster by the president, the IRS will postpone some retirement plan and IRA deadlines for taxpayers in affected areas. These disasters are usually hurricanes, tornados, flooding, earthquakes, and wildfires.
A disaster loss is a loss that occurred in an area determined by the President of the United States to warrant federal disaster assistance and that is attributable to a federally declared disaster. It includes a major disaster or emergency declaration. -2- Instructions for Form 4684 (2021)
A casualty loss can result from the damage, destruction, or loss of your property from any sudden, unexpected, or unusual event such as a flood, hurricane, tornado, fire, earthquake, or volcanic eruption. A casualty doesn't include normal wear and tear or progressive deterioration.
What is casualty and theft loss? A casualty and theft loss is one caused by a hurricane, earthquake, fire, flood, theft or similar event that is sudden, unexpected or unusual. You can deduct a portion of personal casualty or theft losses as an itemized deduction.
In most cases, this form only applies to personal losses, not for casualties and thefts related to the business property. Once you have determined that your casualties or thefts qualify for a deduction, complete Form 4684 and either attach it to your return or to an amended return for a past claim.
Casualty Losses A casualty loss can result from the damage, destruction, or loss of your property from any sudden, unexpected, or unusual event such as a flood, hurricane, tornado, fire, earthquake, or volcanic eruption. A casualty doesn't include normal wear and tear or progressive deterioration.
Claiming the Loss Individuals may claim their casualty and theft losses as an itemized deduction on Schedule A (Form 1040), Itemized Deductions (or Schedule A (Form 1040-NR)PDF, if you're a nonresident alien).
In fact, as mentioned above, IRS Publication 547 establishes that casualty and theft losses “are deductible only to the extent they're attributable to a federally declared disaster.” Some examples include: Floods. Government-ordered demolition or relocation of a home that is unsafe to use because of a disaster.
A qualified disaster loss is similar to a casualty loss but may provide more favorable tax deductions. Not every federally declared disaster is known as a qualified declared disaster. Examples of declared disasters that were qualified include Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and the California wildfires.
A disaster loss is a loss that is attributable to a federally declared disaster and that occurs in an area eligible for assis- tance pursuant to the Presidential declaration. The disaster loss must occur in a county eligible for public or individual assistance (or both).

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